PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun : Easy Way To Eliminate It


Technical Details On PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun





Risk Level


Distribution Channel

Freeware application, malicious sites, pirated software and more.


Display lots of annoying ads everywhere.

Affected Browsers

All types of browsers.

More Information About PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun

PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun is newly detected Potentially Unwanted Program. It quickly associate itself with your default web browser and start controlling your entire browsing activities. The PUP displaying several types of unwanted ads and pop-up messages on your browsing screen. It generate revenue by using pay-per-click scheme for its creators. Users does not let the visit certain legit site and its also download various other nasty threats into your PC. Additionally, the nasty PUP monitor users online activities hence it may collect and share your sensitive information with the hackers.

How PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun Is Distributed ?

PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun is distributed through several deceptive methods. But most common method is bundled while any user download freeware application from unofficial sites then, the Pup comes along with. Some other ways are-

  • Email spoofing,
  • If user using infected media drives,
  • While you visiting malicious sites,
  • Clicking unknown links,
  • While sharing peer to peer network,

More Risk Brought By PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun

According to malware researchers, PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun uses PPC method in order to generate revenue for its makers. Due to this nasty program, users keep encountering various unwanted ads, fake deals, discount offers, banners, forged system notifications, pop-up messages, bogus warning and alert messages. It slow down your Internet speed and also misguide the users to different malicious sites. Some other problems create by this PUP-

  • It does not let the users to visit any legitimate site.
  • It may download other similar threat in your computer.
  • It makes your system very slow and unresponsive.
  • Spy your all browsing session in order to display ads.
  • It has ability to steal and share your confidential information with hackers.
  • Risk level of this PUP is medium.

Hence, if you want to fix all these problems and protct your PV from this nasty program then, get rid of PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun from the PC Immediately.

Scan PC to Remove PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun

How to Uninstall PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun from Control Panel from Windows 10

  • Click and Open Start Menu option




  • Settings option is to be selected on the menu to show all the contents



  • Click on System option




  • On the system Menu, Click on Apps and features option




  • Now Click on PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun to remove it from PC.


How to Eliminate PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun from Windows 8/8.1


Step 1: Press repeatedly F8 to boot PC in Safe Mode. Restart PC and select “Safe Mode with Networking”.



Step 2: Press ALT+Ctrl+Del to open Windows Task Manager. After that, search all the PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun related processes and then click to “End Task”




Step 3: Type “regedit” in Run dialog box and open Windows Registry Editor. Search and delete all the corrupt registries added by PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun infection.


Step 4: Go to Start and then click to open Control Panel.


After that, click Add/Remove Program


Uninstall PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun associated programs from Windows 8/8.1


Uninstall PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun From Window 7/vista


Tap on F8 Key to Enter Safe Mode


Restart PC and select “Safe Mode with Networking”


First of all close all running programs and open Task manager by pressing ALT + CTRL + DEL keys on your keyboard simultaneously.



Now Click on Processes menu and select all the processes associated with PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun one by one then click on End Task.



Now go to the desktop, click on Start Menu on the left lower corner. Move to Control panel and use left mouse click over it.


The Control panel window will open, if are getting the view by Category find and click “Uninstall a program” below “Programs” group.



Now select PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun within programs list and click on Uninstall.

Steps to Eliminate PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun from Windows XP


Step 1: Restart PC in Safe Mode by continuously pressing F8 button. After that, select “Safe Mode with Networking”.


Step 2: Open Windows Task Manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del together. After that, find and select all the PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun associated processes and then click to “End Task” button.


Step 3: Open Run dialog box and then enter “regedit.exe” to open Windows Registry. Search and then delete all the corrupt and infectious registries added by PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun.


Step 4: Click Start button and then go to Control Panel, click to open Windows Add/Remove Program. Search all the PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun related programs and then uninstall it from Windows XP.





How to Uninstall PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun From Your Infected Browser


A. Guidelines to Remove PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun From Microsoft Edge Browser

How to Reset Default Search Engine to Uninstall PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun

Select Settings after selecting More (…) on the address bar


Click and select on View advanced settings option

advance settings-edge

In order to input the search engine, Click on <Add new> under option”Search in the address bar with”


Select Search engine and adds as default by clicking on Add as default option.

How to Reset Default Homepage on Microsoft Edge to Uninstall PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun


  • Select More (…) option on the address bar followed by settings
  • Select specific page or pages under Open with option
  • After selecting the Custom option, enter the URL of the homepage you wish to set as



B. How to Delete PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun from Google Chrome


Click to Open Google Chrome and then click on menu icon which is on the top right corner and then select Tools → Extensions


Select all the malicious extensions including PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun and then select trash icon


Again click on menu icon and select Settings and then click to Manage Search Engines under the Search section


In Search Engines, remove all the infectious search sites and set Google Chrome as Default Browser


C. How to Uninstall PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun From Mozilla Firefox


Launch Mozilla Firefox and find and click “Firefox” button on the top left corner on the screen.


A drop down box will appear, navigate to Add-ons option and click on it.


In the next window select and click on “Extensions” in left pane.


Find PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun add-on and click on the center area to see the border exactly and click on Disable button.
Wait a moment and let the add-on get disabled.


Now click the “Remove” button, later on uninstall the add-on Mozilla will ask you to restart the browser.


D. How to Remove PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun From Internet Explorer


First of all Launch Internet explorer by clicking the Task-bar Icon on desktop.

Now Click on Tool Menu on web browser interface.


Select and click on Manage add-ons in the drop down box.

A View and manage your Internet Explorer Add-ons window will open, now click on “Toolbar and Extensions” option in left pane.

A list of all installed ad-ons will appear, select PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun and click on “Disable” button and Reset IE


Click to Download PUP.Optional.NotChromeRun Scanner